Profitable Bloggers’ Program

Blogging isn’t dead, it has taken a second birth. Let us teach you how to leverage it!

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Rupa sold her mental health workshop tickets in 2 hours
Rupa sold her mental health workshop tickets in 2 hours
Rupa sold her mental health workshop tickets in 2 hours
Rupa sold her mental health workshop tickets in 2 hours



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Profitable Bloggers’ Program
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We know what you must be thinking.

Blogging? That is so 2005! How can it become my full-time career in these times, and also pay me handsomely? Well, we are here to break this popular myth.

Do you know how many businesses worldwide ride on their blogs to bring in consistent revenue? Hundreds of thousands! And can you imagine the sheer diversity of profitable blogs that will continue to emerge in the coming years? Neither can we!

You see, blogging as a means to build your personal brand & the voice of your business, is here to stay till the end of time. Yes, the way we used to approach blogging may be experiencing a paradigm shift, but blogs? They are not going anywhere.

Every business out there today has begun maintaining blogs that provide real value to their loyal customer base, not only to add to it, but also to nurture the people who trust them.

So if you have ever dreamt of pursuing blogging all your life, let us tell you - there has never been a better time to get started! And the niche doesn’t matter - be it travel, food, or anything else under the sun, because there are countless people in the world who are genuinely interested in what you’ve got to say.

Have you made the call to start your blog yet? Awesome! But don’t worry about how you can go about it, and most essentially - turn it into a profitable business. We will take care of that.

All you have to do is join our program!



Profitable Bloggers’ Program
  • 6 Robust Video Modules
  • 3+ Hours of High Value Content
  • Blogging Secrets Used by Industry Pros
  • Step By Step Strategy for Setting Up a Blog & Monetizing It
  • To-Do Guides, Check Lists & Everything Else You Need to Begin!

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside the course

Module 1

Introduction - Mindset of a successful blogger + surprise resources!

Module 2

Setting up your blog - Finding your niche, choosing the name & platform, a detailed Wix Tutorial to build your blog

Module 3

In-depth content creation strategies including types of content and how to generate ideas + 2 incredibly resourceful guides

Module 4

How to promote your blog, solid SEO strategies to rank your blog, and things to do after making a blog live

Module 5

All about monetizing your blog and turning it into a profitable business

Module 6

A weekly To-Do list for you to follow as a blogger

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

On top of these Training Modules

If you join today, you’ll unlock bonuses worth INR 30,000 for FREE!

Remember, when you come into The HustlePost Academy, you’re not getting dumped into some dusty old online course with pre-recorded videos. We will help you with strategies at every step of the way.


Round the clock access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group with fellow bloggers


Every resource material you will need to make your journey easy: To-Do guides, Check Lists, Content Idea Banks, and so much more!


An in-depth training on how to create a blog from scratch that is bound to attract a loyal reader base


A discussion feature on your course dashboard, to promptly drop in any query that may arise, in the middle of a lesson


Access to the HustlePost Academy Team over email, to get all your questions answered directly


An e-copy of Saloni’s labour of love, our Dream Life Journal, for absolutely FREE

This Course Is For You, If:

  • You have always wanted to start a blog, and you are looking to create a full-time career as a profitable Blogger
  • You have taken a career break, and are looking for help to return to the professional world by channelizing your creativity
  • You wish to live a life on your own terms, and truly become your own boss
  • You don’t have a lot of time at hand, but are still looking for a way to build an additional stream of sustainable income
  • You wish for the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, with clients from all over the world

Prepare To Be Inspired!

Our students are making waves after graduating from HustlePost Academy!

Meet Our Founder
saloni srivastava

TEDx Speaker

Multiple 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Popular Youtuber

Saloni spent her entire life doing things a little differently from what was expected of her. When her whole family wanted her to keep rising the corporate ladder and continue to work on her full-time, high-paying job, Saloni decided to quit and start her own YouTube channel to talk about everything she loved.

Today, Saloni is a well-known content creator with a following of over 400,000 awesome people, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of multiple online ventures including India’s first e-commerce platform built especially for influencers- ‘Upfluen’.

With HustlePost Academy, her mission is to ‘normalize’ the idea of side hustles and build a culture of solopreneurship in India.

Get Certified

Yes! This isn’t a run of the mill course. You’ll get an official certification once you finish the program.

  1. Flaunt the certificate on your social media
  2. Unlock major career opportunities
  3. Get brownie points at jobs, colleges, and more!

Note: Credit Card Based EMI Options Available

One time payment for lifetime access


  • 6 Robust Video Modules
  • 3+ Hours of High Value Content
  • Blogging Secrets Used by Industry Pros
  • Step By Step Strategy for Setting Up a Blog & Monetizing It
  • To-Do Guides, Check Lists & Everything Else You Need to Begin!


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If you’re about to click away from this page without signing up, you need to hear this. All of these dreams that you have about your career, which everyone around you seems to think are crazy- they’re all POSSIBLE.

All you need to do is take a leap of faith and trust in someone who’s done this. I’ve done this myself. I’ve helped 4000+ people do it too! India is ready for more side-hustlers and dreamers- and you can be the next one.

1 year later, you’ll thank yourself for taking this decision to sign up!

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